Attending Sew Brum 2018

This week’s post is all about attending Sew Brum 2018.

Sewing is fantastic as it’s a hobby you can do on your own or collectively with friends or at classes. More often than not though, I sew on my own at home squeezing in 15-20 minutes on my machine in between making the dinner or doing something else. That’s why it is lovely to meet other sewists in person at events like Sew Brum and exchange ideas and tips on projects, as well as of course admire each others handmade outfits.

Having lunch with fellow sewers in Birmingham

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Birmingham when Sew Brum was taking place before, so I was really excited to see what it was all about.

This years event was attended by around 300 people, some of whom stayed for the whole event and others who just attended some bits depending on their other commitments.

It was an early start for me and it was freezing when I left home, but the excitement of meeting up with ‘old’ sewing friends and meeting new ones kept me focused on why I was up so early on a Saturday morning.

The day began in Birmingham’s John Lewis cafe, where many people enjoyed a bite to eat. The large group then split up to visit the rag market, Barry’s fabric store and the silk shop (located not too far from the market). A lot of people then made their way over to one of my favourite fabric shops – Guthrie and Gharni by bus to do some more shopping and take part in a charity raffle.

Waxed cotton I picked up to make a dress

I left home with a few ideas in mind of what kinds of fabric I may like to find, but I’m afraid to say this list kind of went out of my mind when I arrived (note to self – write down ideas next time)!

Fabrics I picked up included some jersey remnants to make a jumper, some denim to make a new skirt and some waxed cotton fabric to make a dress with. I might take me a while to work my way though the fabrics I bought, but I’m looking forward to using them anyway.

Fabrics I picked up during the event

Sew Brum is an annual event organised by the English Girl at Home. If you weren’t able to attend this time, and don’t live too far away I’d recommend going next time – I had a great day 🙂

Until next time, happy sewing.

Becky x

Author: notesfromthesewingroom

My name is Becky and I love to sew. I have made it my mission to make as many of my own clothes as possible, as I think it’s a great way to show my personality and gives me a real say in my style choices. This blog is my way of me documenting my sewing and crafty adventures from my small dining room (or should I say sewing room) in England.

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